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Chapter 9 Manage and maintain the product ENWW... Cause The product might not be ready. Use of a shielded interface cable is required to comply with the Class B limits of Part 15 of FCC rules. CAUTION: Do not touch the black sponge-transfer roller inside the product. Substances Table China ENWW Safety statements 129... HP LaserJet P2055 Figure 8-2 External covers, panels, and doors; HP LaserJet P2055 262 Chapter 8 Parts and diagrams ENWW... Load trays on page 41. Remove one screw callout 1 , and then disconnect one connector callout 2. Rear cover, rear door, and duplex-paper-feed assembly. If the print is still light, install a new print cartridge. Reconfiguration Initialization During the printer start up, you can request special initialization sequences that reconfigure the printer. Pages did not print. Wrinkles or creases Toner scatter outline ENWW lower fuser temperature, such as transparencies or light media. NOTE: To obtain best results, select the correct paper size and type in the printer driver before printing. High-voltage power supply Figure 5-6 High-voltage power supply Engine controller DC controller High-voltage power supply Fuser Fusing film Pressure roller Cartridge Primary charging Primary charging roller bias circuit Developing roller Developing bias circuit Photosensitive drum T ransfer roller Transfer bias circuit ENWW Engine control system... Press the print-cartridge door button callout 1 , and then open the print-cartridge door. Internal areas Input trays Output bins Clear jams When clearing jams, be careful not to tear jammed paper. Type the name of the product in the product name box. See Rear cover, rear door, and duplex-paper-feed assembly on page 120. Bend the tab on the left side of the cartridge until the tab breaks loose. Release two tabs callout 3 , and then remove the fan. Customer self-repair warranty service HP products are designed with many Customer Self Repair CSR parts to minimize repair time and allow for greater flexibility in performing defective parts replacement. If so, wipe affected area dry or leave the product on for 10 to 20 minutes. This EULA does not apply if there is a separate license agreement between you and HP or its suppliers for the Software, including a license agreement in online documentation.

See Right cover on page 115.

ENWW Use the HP ToolboxFX software HP LaserJet P2050 Series Printers only For more information, see Control panel HP LaserJet P2050 Series Printers only on page The four options provided for controlling print quality are resolution, REt Resolution Enhancement technology , print density, and EconoMode. Restore defaults Sets all customized settings to the factory default values. Disconnect eleven connectors callout 1 and one ground connector callout 2. NOTE: If a password has previously been set, you are prompted to type the password. Figure 6-96 Reinstall the fuser 2 of 2 162 Chapter 6 Removal and replacement... Check the program to make sure that you are using the printer driver for this product. Customers do not have access to this menu. Remove the connecting PCA. Figure 6-111 Reinstall the fuser 1 of 2 170 Chapter 6 Removal and replacement... Reinsert the print cartridge into the product, and then close the print-cartridge door. Figure 6-54 Remove the paper-pickup-gear assembly 2 of 3 134 Chapter 6 Removal and replacement... Figure 6-80 Remove the registration assembly 2 of 7 Remove the guide.

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Before you proceed, note the location of the two tabs on the transfer-roller right-side locking clip.

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